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A Billionaire’s Dying Wish: A $10 Million Prize To Fight Brain Diseases [via Forbes]

Michela Tindera writes: The estate of legendary billionaire investor Richard Rainwater will fund a series of multimillion-dollar prizes to fight degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s…

The largest award, called the Rainwater Breakthrough Prize, will give out prizes in $2 million, $4 million or $10 million increments to find FDA-approved treatments for PSP. The second prize, called the Rainwater Milestone Prize for Advances in Tauopathy Research, will award $2 million to a researcher or group who makes a significant contribution to the research surrounding tau-related diseases, “addressing critical gaps in technology and disease knowledge,” according to the Rainwater foundation. The third prize will be an annual award, giving $250,000 to a researcher or group whose work is considered a significant contribution to understanding tau-related, neurodegenerative diseases.

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