What We Do

The Science Philanthropy Alliance is a community of funders who work together to inspire new, emerging and current philanthropists to dedicate a portion of their philanthropy to basic science. Alliance members act both as champions and advisors to other philanthropists to ensure more private funding is earmarked for the kinds of research initiatives that have led to the scientific, technological and medical breakthroughs that fuel our technology and information-driven economy of the 21st century. This paper, presented at a National Academy of Sciences meeting in July, 2013, describes the need for private funding of basic science and the role of the Alliance.

The Alliance does not solicit funds nor does it make grants.

Marc Kastner, former President of the Science Philanthropy Alliance, describes what the Alliance does


We Advise
The Science Philanthropy Alliance provides personalized advisory services that match the goals, vision and desires of new, emerging and current philanthropists.
We Connect
The Alliance connects philanthropists and their foundation staffs with our Alliance members as well as a network of highly accomplished and distinguished scientists and researchers in life sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics who are able to provide unmatched insight on how to create the greatest scientific impact. Learn more by visiting Who We Are.
We Inform
The Alliance is in regular dialogue with philanthropists, scientists, and research institutions about best practices in basic science funding. We provide regular updates to philanthropists and their foundation staffs about the best approaches for successful science philanthropy.
We Convene
To advise and mentor individuals and foundations regarding science philanthropy, the Alliance convenes workshops, scientific immersions, and intimate topic-specific meetings on both science and philanthropy. At these events, globally recognized scientists and philanthropic thought leaders share knowledge, models, and mechanisms for effective science funding.
Extraordinary Opportunities
Why Basic Science?
Many of the great advancements in society and technology are built upon the foundation provided by basic science discoveries. Today the need for philanthropic individuals and organizations to support basic science has never been greater.
Dr. Robert W. Conn, President and CEO, The Kavli Foundation