Our Mission
Why Basic Science?
Our Approach
The Alliance works to advance scientific discovery through visionary philanthropy. By providing advising services for philanthropists and foundations, as well as platforms that catalyze connection, awareness, and learning, the Alliance works to increase philanthropic support for science and make it more impactful and effective. In turn, this will advance scientific discovery and benefit society and the planet.
About the Alliance
The Alliance was founded in 2013 to increase philanthropic support for basic science, which lays essential groundwork for innovation that supports society and the planet. The intention was to help offset a potential flatlining of government funding at the time. Today, science philanthropy plays a critical role that is synergistic with other funding sources.

As science philanthropy's role has expanded, so too has the Alliance, which has grown from the initial six foundations and philanthropists to more than 30 members. In addition to increasing philanthropic funding for scientific research through its advising work, the Alliance enables a science philanthropy community focused on networking, shared learning, and exploring collaborations and partnerships. These activities are key benefits for many members and increase the impact and effectiveness of science philanthropy.
Basic research leads to new knowledge. It provides scientific capital. It creates the fund from which the practical applications of knowledge must be drawn.
Vannevar Bush