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Bloomberg Philanthropies and Dalio Foundation’s OceanX Announce $185 Million for New Partnership to Increase Ocean Exploration and Protection [via Bloomberg]

As two of the largest supporters of ocean protection and exploration in the world, Bloomberg and Dalio’s OceanX’s combined efforts create a critical platform that increases the world’s collective understanding of our oceans and the vital need for conservation and drives towards the shared goal of protecting the oceans. Working complementarily, Bloomberg Philanthropies’ partners will capitalize on OceanX’s powerful imagery and storytelling capabilities to better advocate for marine protection and conservation. The Bloomberg-OceanX initiative will coordinate aligned strategies to maximize their collective impact, investing both independently and together on projects across ocean exploration and scientific discovery, awareness and education, issue advocacy, policy development, and conservation. The effort will be seeded by a combined four-year commitment of over $185 million.

Read the announcement here.

View the announcement video here.