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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative News Roundup

Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement on September 21 generated a lot of buzz in the science and philanthropy communities. Here are just some of the stories in the media:

San Jose Mercury News oped by Alliance chair and The Kavli Foundation president Bob Conn and Alliance president Marc Kastner

Science Magazine editorial by David Baltimore, Science Philanthropy Alliance consultant

Chronicle of Philanthropy oped by board member and Moore Foundation president Harvey Fineberg

Science Magazine Q&A with Cori Bargmann, new head of Chan Zuckerberg Science, by Jocelyn Kaiser

The Atlantic by Sarah Zhang

New York Times by Katie Benner

NPR by Susan Brink

Guardian by Olivia Solon

BBC by Leo Kelion

Chronicle of Philanthropy by Rebecca Koenig. The article mentions Mark Zuckerberg’s thank you to the Science Philanthropy Alliance at the launch event.

Devex by Catherine Cheney. The article includes comments by Marc Kastner.

MIT Technology Review by Antonio Regalado. The article includes comments by Marc Kastner.

Inside Philanthropy by Tate Williams