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COVID-19 Resource Hub

Although the mission of the Science Philanthropy Alliance is to increase private funding for basic science, during the COVID-19 pandemic we are working to provide resources and make more funding opportunities available for our network.

Please do not share any of the content on this site without checking with the Alliance or the content contributor.

Please contact Bishakha Mona with any questions or submissions.

Establishing Innovative Funding Programs
The Science Philanthropy Alliance recently hosted a virtual event highlighting three different funders’ stories revolving around the creation of different models of philanthropic programs. These success stories showcase the various approaches and thought processes our funders employed on their journeys toward impactful philanthropy. Moreover, to make informed and meaningful decisions, our funders had to carefully…
Workshop: Philanthropy Launchpad – Elevating a Research Career with Foundation Support
The Alliance was pleased to lead a workshop at the 2024 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting, where they aimed to enhance understanding of science philanthropy and its significant role in funding scientific endeavors. Alliance President France Córdova hosted the session, with Alliance External Science Advisor and Nobel Laureate Tom Cech sharing…
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Newsletter Subscription Join Our General Newsletter Mailing list! The Science Philanthropy Alliance has a quarterly newsletter, Frontiers in Science Philanthropy. Learn more about who we are and what we do to advance discovery science and generate impactful investment in basic research. Fill out the form below to access our next issue. If you have any questions, reach out…
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More Stories

Reading Genomes: The Key to Life and to Thwarting Death

Like humans, viruses have genomes: biological instructions that mold their structure, function, and reproduction. The ability to sequence a genome—to “read” the hereditary code inscribed in cells or viral particles—is one of the triumphs of modern science. In the latest installment of the COVID-19 discovery science Prequels, Jennifer Welsh traces the history of this lifesaving breakthrough…

Exponentially Important: The Scientific Origins of PCR

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology—a way to copy fragments of DNA until they’re numerous enough to identify—is considered the gold standard of COVID-19 testing. In the latest installment of the COVID-19 discovery science Prequels, writer Wendy Kagan retraces the decades of basic research that made this scientific turning point possible.

Government-funded Research Increasingly Fuels Innovation [via Science]

A first-of-its-kind study shows that cuts in federal funding for science might hinder the economy by halting innovation. The study, recently published in Science, examines how patented inventions rely on federally-funded science. Nearly a third of all the patents in the US rely on federal research—a percentage that has grown substantially over the past 90 years.…

The Pleasure and Necessity of Finding Things Out [via Simons Foundation]

John Pavlus' 2015 essay on why the reasons for doing basic research go well beyond the creation of new applications and technologies is still very relevant today." that seems idle one day can become crucial the next — and until scientists discover a working crystal ball, society will never be able to make the distinction…

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