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How a Major Research Funder Decided to Wrap Up its Longest-Running Science Initiative [via Inside Philanthropy]

Tate Williams writes about the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s 15 year-old Marine Microbiology Initiative, which will wind down and conclude in 2021.

[According to] Virginia Armbrust, an accomplished professor in biological oceanography at the University of Washington, who has received long-term support from Moore, along with the funding from the Simons Foundation, NSF, NASA, and other government agencies:

“What Moore Foundation funding did for me as a scientist, was it allowed me to dream big. And actually, dreaming big is not easy,” Armbrust says. Grants from Moore gave her the ability to try risky things she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find funding for, including experimenting with new sequencing technologies. “Some of my most fruitful and novel projects have come through foundation funding.”

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