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Philanthropy Awards, 2018 [via Inside Philanthropy]

Basic science funding was featured among the recent IP Philanthropy Awards (IPPY) awards:

Mega-Giver We Will Miss the Most: Paul Allen

Before he died in October, Allen brought vision, daring and compassion to his philanthropy. Now, his $20 billion estate will likely be used to fulfill his grand ambitions for breakthroughs in biomedical research and global problem solving. Stayed tuned for more details.

Hottest Science Giving Trend: Artificial Intelligence

Year after year, machine learning and other forms of AI have been a white hot topic among research funders, and those concerned about legal and ethical implications.

Science Funder of the Year: Kavli Foundation

Kavli didn’t make big headlines in 2018. In fact, it rarely does. But the foundation has been one of the most consistent supporters of science over the years by endowing university-based Kavli Institutes. In the aftermath of Fred Kavli’s passing, the foundation is doubling annual giving.

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