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The Wealthy Couple Trying to Unlock the Secrets of Anorexia [via Inside Philanthropy]

Reporter Paul Karon describes the Klarman Family Foundation‘s support of research into eating disorders.

The Klarman foundation, established with millions from Boston-based financier Seth Klarman and his wife Beth Klarman, has been a rare philanthropic promoter of research into eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge eating…

We were reminded of the dearth of philanthropic support for eating disorder science when we saw the recent RFP from Klarman’s Eating Disorders Research Grants Program. For the 2017 funding cycle, Klarman says they’re limiting the focus of their grants to basic research into the biology of anorexia nervosa, the biology and the neuroscience.

The foundation says it chose to concentrate on anorexia this year because “there appears to be more of a scientific foothold” here, and it hopes that a narrower concentration of grantmaking on the condition may be more likely to lead to breakthroughs. And since it looks like various eating disorders overlap in their biology, advances in one disorder may translate to the others.