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Welcoming the Dana Foundation to the Science Philanthropy Alliance

The Science Philanthropy Alliance is honored to welcome its newest member, the Dana Foundation. The private philanthropy is dedicated to advancing neuroscience within society by supporting cross-disciplinary intersections such as neuroscience and ethics, law, policy, humanities, and arts. The foundation joins 32 other Alliance members in their commitment to advancing basic research and supporting the broader science philanthropy community.

Dana Foundation president Caroline Montojo, Ph.D., has also been named to the Alliance’s advisory board. Prior to joining the foundation in 2021, Montojo was director of life sciences and the director of brain initiatives at The Kavli Foundation. She has been deeply involved in largescale neuroscience initiatives, including the U.S. BRAIN Initiative and the International Brain Initiative.

“I’ve seen firsthand how the Science Philanthropy Alliance adds value through its advising, convening, and ability to share best practices from around the science philanthropy community. I’m looking forward to contributing the Dana Foundation’s expertise to those conversations and learning from our peers in the Alliance,” said Montojo.

“Both Dr. Montojo and the Dana Foundation have been at the forefront of philanthropy’s growing interest in neuroscience and brain health,” said Alliance president France A. Córdova, Ph.D. “Given Dr. Montojo’s expertise and the foundation’s legacy of work in neuroscience, we’re delighted to have them join the Alliance as philanthropic momentum builds for investment in science.”

To learn more about the Dana Foundation, please visit www.dana.org.