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Cornell University
(Ithaca, NY)
Visionary Research Fund

Cornell University has established the Visionary Research Fund to ensure increased opportunity and resources for the highest level of discovery-driven research. Exceptional faculty members will be able to pursue their compelling vision and strategies for transformative, fundamental research projects in the physical and life sciences, engineering, mathematics, and computer sciences.

The fund will support seminal high-risk, high-impact research. The focus is on discovery projects that are novel, early stage, or unlikely to receive funding from traditional sources. Projects can range from those requiring two-year “seed” funding – at the level of $100,000 and up; to multi-investigator “break-through” projects extending over several years that seek to develop a tool or capability that can transform a field – at the level of $500,000 and above; to multidisciplinary “institute-scale” programs where support can have profound impact due to the collective vision and talents of the research team – at the level of $5M and above.

Faculty members at all career stages will be eligible to receive funding from the Visionary Research Fund, with emphasis given to early- and mid-career researchers working independently or in interdisciplinary partnerships with senior investigators.

APPLICATION AND REVIEW: The Senior Vice Provost for Research will oversee the Visionary Research Fund, in consultation with Cornell academic leadership, and implement project selection and annual review committee processes appropriate to each program.

TYPE OF SUPPORT: Cornell will offer a range of current use and endowed funding opportunities. Please click on the link below or contact the Senior Vice President for Research for more information.

To learn more about the program, view the Cornell University Full Description.